An Instant way to remove McAfee Products completely from your PC without formatting it

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There's one major disadvantage of using McAfee products. Sometimes the user may get into trouble while uninstalling McAfee products. Uninstalling the program from "Add or Remove Programs" in the Control Panel, or removing the installed files from the directory location does not remove McAfee products completely. You may face issues while installing similar programs in the future when the user wants to install a new program. The system will determine that the previous McAfee product is still installed and it's unable to carry out the installation process of a similar new program as an antivirus program cannot be installed on a system which already had a McAfee antivirus installed in it. The only method is to format the system and begin all over again.

Many users don't know that the McAfee itself gives a solution to this problem. The McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool is available on the web to completely remove any McAfee product installed from the system. This tool is the simple '.exe' file, when we install this tool, it will look for installing McAfee products on your system and uninstall them. It will remove the entire McAfee product from your system.

This tool is free to use and easy to download. Moreover, for your comfort, here we are providing you with the procedure to completely remove the McAfee products from your system:

  • First, you need to Download McAfee Consumer Products Removal (MCPR) Tool.
  • Once downloaded, click on it to install it on your system. Windows Vista users require clicking right on the downloaded file and then choosing to "Run as Administrator". Verify any messages displayed to proceed.
  • Once installed successfully, the MCPR then takes responsibility for deleting the McAfee products installed in your system.
  • Once the McAfee products are removed completely, you'll view a message displaying "Cleaning Successful". Then, restart your system to successfully finish removing McAfee products completely from your system.

This Tool allows the user to fully remove McAfee products from their system providing them with the capability of installing similar products in the future without any hassle. The MCPR can be normally uninstalled gives a boost to its utility. This is one of the most amazing tools for completely removing the McAfee products. If you curious to learn more about this tool, then we advises users to contact McAfee experts through McAfee Technical Support Number available on the web for instant support.


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